5 Best Indoor Plants To Spruce Up Your Living Space

HowTo Keep Plants Healthy Indoors?

A household or indoor plants are ornamental plants that are grown indoors. These plants are generally used for decoration in rooms. If you want to brighten up your living room or office, there are many types of indoor plants in Dubai you can buy to liven up the space. These include the snake plant, fiddle-leaf fig, and Haworthia. These plants are great for brightening your living space and look great in almost any type of light.


Haworthia is a versatile plant that thrives in warm to cool temperatures. Temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can damage it, so it’s important to provide adequate ventilation. Repotting is simple – just use the same potting soil as your Haworthia, but add grit and perlite to the soil.

Snake plant:

Snake plants are semi-succulent plants that do not need a lot of water. They can thrive in a variety of light settings. They are also extremely forgiving if you miss a watering. However, you must ensure you take the necessary care of your plant to stay healthy and happy.

Fiddle-leaf fig:

When caring for a fiddle-leaf fig indoors, you must give it adequate watering and nutrient levels. It is best to water the plant at least once a week. The amount of water needed will depend on the size of the plant and its roots. The best rule of thumb is to wait until the top two to three inches of soil dries out before watering it. Watering it longer than this will lead to root rot and deterioration.


This beautiful plant can grow as large as 20 meters and up to 65 feet across. It is an arum family member whose glossy leaves are distinctively divided in the middle. When young, its leaves are firmly attached to the stem; as they age, they split into several smaller segments. The leaves and stems of this plant are edible, but they are warned that they are also toxic to cats.

Spider plant:

The spider plant is a beautiful indoor plant that looks great in any room. It can be grown in a hanging pot or a tabletop planter. The plant can be pruned and regrown if necessary. It will look best in indirect sunlight and needs moist soil. Spider plants do not require a lot of water, but they need a certain amount of light to thrive.