Elements You MUST Know Before Purchasing Car Tires

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Car tires are an important part of your car, as they connect you to the road. Therefore, taking care of tiers is important for car maintenance. If your car tires are not working properly, it can affect your car’s performance. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and guides on car tires available. From understanding tread depth and TWIs to choosing a new tire from a solid tire distributor in UAE, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

Tread wear indicators (TWI):

Car tire tread wear indicators are used to measure how much tread is still in the tires. These indicators are located in the grooves of the tires. The tire is considered worn if the tread wear indicator is above or below the minimum tread depth. However, some tires may show irregular wear and may have irregular tread depths.

It is very important to check the tread depth of car tires regularly. When a tire’s tread depth is less than the legal minimum, it will cause the car to perform badly. This will affect the way the car performs during cornering and braking. The tread depth of a new passenger tire is between eight and twelve millimeters, which means that if it is less than that, it should be replaced immediately.

Legal tread depth:

A tire tread depth gauge will tell you how deep the tread is. It should indicate 1.6mm or more in various places on the tire. If it’s below this mark, it’s time to get new ones. Using a coin with an outer rim less than three millimeters in diameter can also help you determine how worn a tire is.

Overloading your vehicle:

The weight of your vehicle puts a lot of strain on your tires, and overloading them will lead to rapid wear and tear. Not to mention the risk of a blowout, which can be very dangerous and expensive. Plus, when the weight is too much, it will cause the vehicle’s center of gravity to rise, increasing the chances of a rollover.

Choosing a new tire:

Changing the tires on your car is a necessary part of car maintenance, but it can also make a big difference to your driving experience. This is because your tire will determine speed, handling, and the conditions you will likely face. Knowing what to look for can help you choose the right tire for your vehicle, and there are seven criteria you should keep in mind.