The Best Way To Teach Numbers To Your Child 

The Best Way To Teach Numbers To Your Child

One of the best ways to teach your child to count is to use a hands-on approach. For younger children, you can use construction toys. Old building blocks can be used to make numbers, or you can write numbers on them. A number line can be used on a chalkboard or interactive board. However, we will discuss many different methods of teaching numbers below. See over here to find the best nursery in JLT.


Teaching your child about music is an excellent way to stimulate their creativity. Playing music at a nursery is fun and engaging for you and your child. You can use songs and nursery rhymes as teaching tools or incorporate interactive music using props, puppets, and small instruments. Children learn games faster when they hear them with music as background.

Playway method:

If you have been thinking about educating your nursery child, the playway method is an excellent option. Many schools use the method, and it is widely accepted. The philosophy of the method is that children should be allowed to explore and develop freely and naturally rather than imposing a strict curriculum on them. This philosophy is also in line with the aim of educational institutions, which is to avoid burdening the child with a large amount of information and responsibilities.

Unlike traditional methods, the playway method emphasizes play as a vital part of learning. It also provides children with opportunities for physical activity and encourages them to work together. This helps them build up their muscles, eliminate bodily wastes, and stay physically fit. In addition, the playway method encourages social interaction and helps children develop good communication skills.


Activities are also a great way for young children to develop their social, intellectual, and emotional development. By providing children with a variety of activities, they will develop various skills such as cooperation, creativity, and language development. They will also have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.


Self-reflection is one of the key ingredients for a child’s continuing growth and development. However, children do not always find self-reflection easy; some will need help engaging in the process. Educators must consider the children they care for and their personalities and developmental levels before planning self-reflection activities.

When you are teaching a preschooler, you should find a way to incorporate self-reflection into your daily routine. Make sure to offer opportunities for children to reflect on their day to feel respected and included.