What Is A Beam Clamp Used For?

What Is A Beam Clamp Used For?

A beam clamp is a mechanical device for lifting and supporting structural steel beams. It has a shackle at the bottom designed to be adjusted so that the clamp will not slip, even when the beam is not vertical. Its load ratings range from 2 to 15 tons, and it can be used on beams with widths ranging from 76mm to 610mm. The shackle provides additional support to the clamp and can be used to adjust the working load limit when the beam is not vertical. If you are looking for beam clamps for lifting, read this article first.

These are devices that clamp onto a structural steel beam for support and lifting:

Beam clamps are used to secure materials or structures to a beam. They are adjustable and can be installed on the top or bottom of a beam. They are generally equipped with a shackle at the bottom to tighten the clamp.

They are designed for in-line use only:

Beam clamps are an important part of the lifting process, as they can lift and support heavy items while providing a flexible connection to structural steel. They are common in industrial settings. To get the most out of this versatile tool, it’s important to know the basic characteristics of beam clamps and choose one that fits your needs.

They are intended for general-purpose lifting applications:

Beam clamps secure a load at various heights and in various applications. Unlike other lifting devices, these tools must be operated by properly trained and authorized personnel. They must also be used carefully to avoid damage and overloading. When choosing a beam clamp, check for its capacity and range of beam sizes. You should also look for the type of application you will be using it for. You should consider getting a beam clamp with a fixed jaw if lifting a long load.

They are re-positionable:

Beam clamps are a common tool for lifting heavy items and providing versatile connections to structural steel. They are typically found in industrial settings.

They are designed for vertical use only:

Beam clamps are meant to be used in a vertical position and should not be used for side loading. They should be used with care and by the user’s guide. In addition, they should be positioned to align with the center of gravity of the payload.