4 Common Interior Design Mistakes Experts Always Spot 

4 Common Interior Design Mistakes Experts Always Spot

Interior design is the process of planning and implementing the interior of a building. It entails using creative methods to bring a space to life. An interior designer typically works for a design firm but can also be an independent contractor. However, there are some common interior design mistakes that homeowners make that expert always see. Here are some tips recommended by a reputable interior design company in Dubai to avoid making these mistakes.

Mixing and matching furniture

There are several ways to avoid mixing and matching furniture. One common mistake is taking the decorating scheme too seriously. Adding a splash of color can break up the monotony. Other people try to recreate the look of another room in their home by mixing and matching different pieces.

Traditionally, sofas and accent chairs were paired. However, these days you can use different styles of accent chairs. However, when mixing and matching furniture, ensure that the pieces have similar weight, height, and size. In addition, it is important to coordinate the furniture pieces, so they don’t clash.

Using too many matching pieces

Using too many matching pieces in your interior design can be a big mistake. While it is important to use similar pieces, you don’t want everything to match. However, you can make a space feel more cohesive if you use the same details in the different pieces. Watch the second part of this interior design episode to learn more.

Choosing the wrong size of a rug

Choosing the wrong rug size can ruin a room’s whole look. It will make the room look tacky and cheap. Make sure you choose a rug that covers most of the floor. It should also be large enough for the furniture in the room to touch it. In addition to making a room look more elegant and spacious, rugs can also add depth and definition.

Placing art pieces in the wrong place

One of the biggest mistakes in interior design is placing art pieces in the wrong location. Having art in your home will make it more personal and inviting, but placing it in the wrong place will ruin the effect. To avoid this, hang the pieces at eye level or lower. If hanging them higher, test the placement with a removable hook. If the location seems odd, hang it in a different location.